Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Penal claims
Cases involved, fraudulency, breach in trust, robbery, forgery, unauthorized and illegal
sale of properties

Family affairs
Claiming marriage portion, alimony, requesting divorce, requesting the custody...

Registry of properties
Division and separation of joint and common properties, receiving title deeds, division of the land

All affairs related to the Islamic Revolutionary Court, eliminating the confiscation order of properties and assets

Related affairs to banning from leaving the country and inheritance will execution of the contents of will, receiving probate

Legal administrative services
Different commissions of municipalities, administrative tribunals’ affairs, tax affairs, insurance of persons and probabilities, registry and changes of entire companies

Family affairs
Execution of divorce order issued by foreign courts, following the divorce claims of Iranians abroad,  marriage of Iranian nationals, guardianship and custody affairs of the Iranian children abroad, requests for visiting  the child, claims on divorce case and divorce by mutual agreement, cases on marriage portion and alimony claims, cases on demanding obedience [of the wife], re-marrying, return of child, custody of the child, annulment and dissolution of marriage, child adoption, return of dowry, compromising the remaining duration and dissolving temporary marriage.

Appointing and discharging guardian, discharging natural guardian, Rejection and proving relationship by blood, temporary marriage, claiming the share of inheritance, division of the legacy of the deceased, sealing and confiscation, taking lists and inventory (legacy, receiving probate) including receiving any types of clearances (drawing up  ordinary and official will, seal and freeze the legacy of the deceased, drawing up ordinary and official division letters for the heirs, defending the jejunity and originality of the ordinary will, division and sale of movable and immovable properties of the deceased subject of disputes among the heirs, appointment and discharge of administrator, enforcement, proof of creditability will, affairs related to change and correction of birth certificate